Fun At The Wilds Safari Park in Ohio

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Today we are featuring a guest post about The Wilds.

You might not expect to run into rhinos, giraffes and zebras in a small town called Cumberland, Ohio, but expect the unexpected at The Wildsa safari park and conservation center that combines cutting-edge conservation science with one-of-a-kind adventures that include ziplining, horseback riding, fishing and more.

Open Air Bus Tour The WildsThe Wilds resides on nearly 10,000 acres and serves as home to 31 species of animals -13 of which are federally listed endangered species. During a visit to the Wilds, friendly guides take visitors on unforgettable adventures while educating them about the animals and the important conservation work at the Wilds.

The Wilds GiraffeUpon arrival, guests can choose from multiple exciting activities, including:

  • Feeding giraffes from the back of a pick-up truck on a Wildside Tour
  • Snapping breathtaking photos at sunset on an Open-Air Safari Tour
  • Observing animals in their habitats on a Safari Transport Pass
  • Horseback riding along the beautiful hillsides overlooking the animals
  • Angling for largemouth bass, red eared sunfish, bluegill and more on a scenic lake
  • Soaring high over grazing animals on a zipline adventure

The Wilds ZiplineAfter a full day of adventures and sight-seeing, guests of The Lodge can unwind on the banks of one of the Wilds’ tranquil lakes, surrounded by rolling hills of grasslands and forests.

If you need more time to experience all of these adventures, make it one wild weekend! Relax on a deck close to a crackling fire and enjoy a glass of wine during a romantic overnight stay in a yurt at Nomad Ridge, tucked away in the serene hills of the Wilds.

Nomad Ridge

Nomad Ridge The WildsIf the little ones are tagging along, Wild Encounters Tours are shortened in length and give youngsters a hands-on opportunity to meet critters up-close while learning about ways to support all of the plants and animals around them.

The Wilds WildsideThe Wilds is one of the world’s most impressive wildlife parks and serves as a world leader in conservation and animal care.Visit or call (740) 638-5030 for tour, membership and camp information and to make reservations.

What about you? Have you ever been to an animal safari park?

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  1. Julie Wood says:

    I have never been to a safari park, but I would love to go. I like seeing all the exotic animals and seeing them close up is awesome.

  2. How fun it would be to be able to get so close to these animals. Looks like fun!

  3. Robin Wilson says:

    I don’t know if it is still there, but I visited a wildlife safari in Oregon many, many years ago and I just loved it. Believe me it was scary driving my car through it and having some of the animals checking out my car. Nothing like this one for sure!

  4. Jill Myrick says:

    My children would have a blast here. We will be visiting family in Ohio soon and I will definitely be checking into this. It would be great to visit while we are there.


  5. Piper Leigh says:

    This looks like so much fun. My husband I enjoy ziplining and how neat it would be to see all the animals!

  6. judy gardner says:

    i have never been anywhere like this! i like that they shorten the tour for kids

  7. Melissa Hartley says:

    This trip looks like so much fun..I’m a big animal lover & would really enjoy seeing the animals up close & personal:)

  8. Karen Propes says:

    I’ve been to zoos but not a safari park. I can only imagine the beautiful animals. Miss Aubs would love this. She loved going to the NC State Zoo. She keeps wanting to go back. This would be a grand trip for us. I would love to see her expressions when she sees the animals. Thanks for the review, I’ve always wanted to zip line. Maybe I could get my courage up when we go. Can’t wait to look at our schedules to see if we can fit it in this summer. So glad you found this awesome place.

  9. Maralea says:

    This looks like a fantastic Safari Park! Can’t believe you can get that close to the animals-Awesome!

  10. Michelle H. says:

    This looks like so much fun. My kids would love this.

  11. Sarah L says:

    I need to get to the zoo this summer (closest thing we have to a safari park)

  12. Betty Baez says:

    I’ve never been to an animal safari park. That is wild how close you can get to a rhino and a giraffe. Im sure they are lasting memories!

  13. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    What a fun learning experience!

  14. Ellen B says:

    wow that is awesome – I miss going to the zoo – um can you really get that close to a rhino?

  15. We have a Wildlife Safari a couple of hours away here but it doesn’t have a zipline! That looks so fun! I so want to do that soon!!

  16. jessica z says:

    I live in Ohio and never knew this existed! Cannot wait to visit!

  17. Marilyn says:

    This is absolutely awesome and I would love to visit a safari park. I really like that you can actually interact with the animals. What a great experience!

  18. katklaw777 says:

    I sooooooooooooooooooooooo want to go here with my family…it loooks fantastic. There seems to be something to do for everyone. My son would luv the ziplining.
    We live in IL and could do this on a long weekend…thanks for all the info!

  19. rebecca shockley says:

    OMG, this looks like so much fun. I would love to do the zipline over and over. It doesn’t even look like something that would be in the states here. WOW

  20. We look forward to visiting the next time we visit DH’s family in Ohio – no doubt the kiddos would love it!

  21. crystal smith says:

    Looks like so much fun! I had been to a Safari park in Florida as a kid and have some great memories from it. I wasnt aware that there was one so much closer for us Mid-Westerners- Id love to take my kids and let them make some memories of their own! :)

  22. Mary Williams says:

    I’ve been wanting to take my son to the Wilds for a few years now. We don’t live far from it and I might just have to get him out and do this with him this summer!

  23. amanda assencoa says:

    this looks like a blast!!

  24. Melissa P. says:

    We love visiting the zoo. But a Wild Safari Park would be so much better. I love taking pictures of the animals. I wish there were one closer to me.

  25. Rachel Skirvin says:

    OMG! You can get up close and personal..I love love love this…

  26. This looks exciting. We have talked about visiting this place, it is not to far from the Pittsburgh area.

  27. Maria Malaveci says:

    This looks so much fun….! There are so many places that I don’t know about and so very close to Michigan!

  28. Christopher Sorel says:

    wow looks very cool and not far from here in MI

  29. Ashley Smith says:

    Now this is a trip! I have never been to a safari but would love to go. Being that close to the animals seems exciting and the scenery looks breathe taking!

  30. Sarah L says:

    Do the animals really get that close to the kids?

  31. Sadie B. says:

    We have not been to the Wilds yet. The kids would like to go this summer for a mini vacation.

  32. John Hutchens says:

    I have visited here many times. It is always so much fun and the kids love it

  33. We’ve often thought of checking out the safari park. I guess we’ll definitely have to put it on the list of things to do. It’s amazing to have something like it so close, here in Ohio.

  34. I’ve never been to a safari park. These pictures are amazing, if you had posted they were from a vacation in Africa, I would have totally believed it! Wow!

  35. Jennifer Marie says:

    We have never, but this looks like so much fun! We may need to look into this!!

  36. I’ve been to the Disney park, but I like the yurt on the hill. Looks like something out west.

  37. Olivia Rubin says:

    That’s in Ohio! Love the zipline, so want to do that one day. Ohio has some wonderful attractions including the Ohio zoo run by Jack Hanna. Can’t believe you get to travel in open pickup the whole time…I am assuming the lions are not on exhibit or are in an area seperated by a large drop

  38. Betsy Barnes says:

    We never been to an animal safari park, never thought about them in the US, lol. This one looks like so much fun! :)

  39. I didn’t know this existed! I’m only a few hours away from this place – I’ll have to check it out!

  40. laurie nykaza says:

    This looks like a wonderful trip for the whole family. The place is beautiful and seeing all the animals their would be so much fun.

  41. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says:

    No I haveu.

    I live in Ohio and did not know this place exsisted. Thank you so much for the introduction and review of The Wilds. Will have to add it to the Buckeye Bucket List.

  42. Cynthia C says:

    We visited many years ago. It had a Jurassic Park feel to the tour. It looks like it added a lot of features since then.

  43. Sarah L says:

    I’ve never been to a safari park. Love the picture of the giraffe.

  44. krystel says:

    wopw you guys looks like you guys had fun

  45. Kate F. says:

    That sounds so fun! I’d definitely want to go on the zipline.

  46. I watched a nature movie where they showed a couple of giraffes fighting, and I couldn’t believe how they swung their heads at one another. I would never have expected giraffes to be so violent with each other.

  47. Looks like your family had fun!

  48. I have not but it looks like a lot of fun! Totally going to check one out next time I am in the area.

  49. Susan Smith says:

    This looks fun, We have been to a safari park near us. My dream would be to do a safari park in Africa.

  50. Looks great. Years ago I went to tthe safari park at great adventure in New Jersey

  51. This is in Ohio? Rhinos and Giraffes? This looks like a must see destination for families with children.

  52. Looks fun… My girls would love it! :)

  53. Wow–wonderful images! I have never been to one. I used to live in Ohio and when we go back for a visit I am going to have look this up!

  54. Christopher Sorel says:

    very cool been to the other on in Ohio where you drive your own car through and this one looks good as well

  55. Austin Baroudi says:

    I have never been to one but I would love to go one day with my daughter!

  56. Natalie Lyons says:

    This looks awesome. About a 5 hour drive for me. Would be a great mini vcation

  57. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    Looks So Much Fun! My Kids Love Animals And Adventure! This Would Be Perfect!

  58. Masooma F says:

    Wow! What an amazing adventure. We actually went recently to teh San Diego Safari Park. Since we purchased the basic African Tram Safari we got to see the animals from a distance and not as up close as you but it was still an amazing experince. My son’s favorite part was the Cheetah run they had planned!! Now he wants to run as fast as a Cheetah and practices everyday lol!!

  59. What a lovely wildlife park. You took beautiful pics…it reminds me that when I was a child we went to our wildlife park here in WA state. It was so exciting to close to the animals. I loved it.
    I hope to take my son there soon!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience.

  60. Stacey B says:

    I’ve been there several times … an easy drive for us as we live in Muskingum County!! Our 5 year old loves it and is always asking to go back!!

  61. Tammy S says:

    Wow this would be a great place to take the family. It has something for everyone.

  62. Shelly Sawicki Lash Neuhouser says:

    Looks like alot of fun for the family!

  63. yes, the one at marblehead is really nice

  64. I have driven past this park and wondered about it. My husband and I were just saying this year we need to stop and check it out. Thanks for the post.

  65. Maralea says:

    Wow! How neat is this!

  66. Sarah L says:

    Wow! Up close & personal with those animals! Looks like lots of fun in a pretty place.

  67. I’ve never heard of the Wilds, but I have been to the San Diego Wild Animal Park and it’s awesome.

  68. I LOVE the Wilds! We’ve been there twice recently and I was there when it first opened back when I was in 4-H near 20 years ago.

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