Where Do You Think This Is Going?

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Golf BallsA week or so ago I was driving back from Michigan with the kids when we saw this vehicle on the road. I couldn’t figure out what it was so I had Kora take a picture. My first thought was that it was for a putt-putt/mini-golf course but why would there be so many of the same golf balls on tees? And why are the animals all white?

I’m still stumped.

What do you think? Do you have any idea what this is or where it might be going?

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  1. So I wonder where these did end up. Would be fun to know!

  2. Maybe they are headed to some kind of amusement park?

  3. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    Very Interesting , I’m Stumped as well Lol !:)

  4. um..that’s an awesome sight!

  5. Stephanie says:

    i have no idea lol

  6. LOL! That is funny, gee I wonder where they are going to. Maybe they have a GIGANTIC golf course LMAO!!!

  7. R Hicks says:

    hummm….maybe going to an amusement park?

  8. I was also thinking a parade float (like someone else who commented).

  9. Maybe they are decorations for some sort of golf festival?

  10. Jessie C. says:

    Golf course? For the grand opening? :)

  11. Maralea says:

    Interesting! This would be awesome to see going down the road!

  12. Michelle H. says:

    Maybe someone got a little carried away at a garage sale? :)

  13. Debbie Welchert says:

    Maybe they are props for a play. I don’t know the animals throw me off. But the picture is interesting.

  14. Sherry Compton says:

    Glad you got the picture. When my kids were younger, we would go play mini golf and the courses had statues and figures that were huge. Maybe they are going to have a golf ball/golf tee mini golf course.

  15. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I think it sounds like you’re right, maybe they are celebrating some sort of animal cruely awareness event or something. I don’t know but I hope you post when or if you find out.

  16. Im still laughing about this picture :) it reminds me of the time we got behind a flatbed of some sort of plastic cows where they were going I have no idea but when the truck pulled into the truck stop so did we to take pics :)

  17. I live in Michigan…where about was this? (City-wise). I know in my hometown we have a children’s theme park called Deer Acres where they have lots of stuff like this. You can feed the animals, ride a “train”, play putt-putt, things like that. Maybe they were headed there!

  18. Tom Shewbridge says:

    Looks like the PGA Tour just upped the ante for winning a tournament. Try to get a Par 3 with this!

  19. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I have no idea where this is going, but seeing it on the road would put some fun into your trip!

  20. Harmony B says:

    Im not sure where they would go, but it must have been very interesting to see on the road

  21. Cassy Scroggins says:

    State Fair somewhere?….IDK

  22. Omg to funny lol

  23. Emily W says:

    The first thing I thought of was a parade float? But that’s probably not it, or the cords holding everything down wouldn’t be so obvious. They might be decorations for some kind of event- fundraiser, gala, golf tournament, or maybe even a wedding.

  24. Kerrie Mayans says:

    So once my parents got a fiberglass dinosaur to sit next to a pond in their back yard and the place that they got it from had many of the same dinosaurs on trucks and unpainted and delivered them unpainted to the buyers so maybe this is the same sort of thing since the dinosaur was the same scale as the cow. Perhaps they are delivering the golf balls and animals to a few different mini golf courses and then the buyers have to paint them once they get them.

  25. Betty Baez says:

    That is really weird and I have no idea

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