Visiting Ohio State University

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Grandpa Randy and I are college campuses snobs.  We love going on a campus and saying “it doesn’t compare to Michigan State,” which is our alma mater.

There is just something about the old brick buildings covered with ivy mixed with the new modern structures.  The old trees towering overhead, spreading their branches like blankets across the campus.  The river that gently winds it way through the center of campus. The separation of the campus from the busyness of the town by the main thoroughfare.  We remember it all fondly and always jump at a chance to visit.

We didn’t think we would ever see another campus like it (at least in our minds.)

Until, and I can’t believe I am saying this, we drove onto the campus of Ohio State University.

Ohio State UniversityIt immediately reminded us of MSU, for all the reasons listed above.

The football stadium is also amazing.

Ohio State University

Ohio State UniversityThe O’s built into the fence surrounding the stadium is a clever addition.

Ohio State UniversityIt is no wonder their fans are so proud.

Ohio StateJust like MSU the cranes are in operation as buildings are created to better serve the student population.  And I am sure their alma mater are always shocked to go back and see the changes occurring on the campus.

Ohio State UniversityIf you decide to attend a football game in Columbus be sure not to forget about Pistacia Vera desert boutique.  Their macaroons are world famous!

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  1. Looks nice!

  2. Beautiful campus the buildings kind of remind me of mine

  3. Awesome review! Love Ohio State!

  4. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    Ohio State fans are die hard fans for sure, I am one my self, I glad you enjoyed your visit to campus!:) Great Review!:)

  5. That’s my Alma Mater….and I have to agree, it’s a beautiful campus! We took our kids to visit this past summer.

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