Romance and Adventure in Hocking Hills

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When Traveling Mom Tésa and I were invited to Hocking Hills, I envisioned a relaxing break from the kids and work.  I was partially right, however I certainly did not expect to be flying through the air with the greatest of ease!  . . . twice!

Hocking Hills

Our trip started off harmlessly enough, we found our cabin, and Shelly, the massage therapist, from Blue Valley Massage was already there waiting for us.  What a great way to start a vacation – with a massage!

Shelly and Blue Valley Massage are available to come to your cabin in the Hocking Hills, where their saying is “Why Leave the Comfort of Your Hocking Hills Cabin? We Come Right to You!”  Their licensed technicians are able to perform a myriad of relaxing procedures ranging from a romantic side by side couples massage, full body massages, deep tissue and multiple other spa treatments.

I love massages, I don’t have the opportunity to get one as often as I would like, but given this opportunity, I asked for a deep tissue massage. It was awesome!   Shelly made my back and shoulders feel like I was a new man.  She was very personable and friendly.

My only recommendation for anyone getting a massage in Hocking Hills, is to make sure you have water in the cabin (I am not a fan of well water). After a deep tissue massage, you are supposed to drink LOTS of water, I thought beer would work just as well, and at about 5 in the morning, I woke up with my muscles very upset with my lack of hydrating (fortunately, after forcing down a couple glasses of well water, the hot tub helped me out!).  I highly recommend using Blue Valley Massage on your trip to Hocking Hills, just bring water with you.

After doing some hiking and site seeing on Saturday we had the chance to experience a Sunset Scenic Air Tour.  Upon our arrival to Vinton County Airport (a county featuring a whopping two stoplights!) we were introduced to our Pilot and Co-Pilot, Harry and Karen.

Hocking Hills Sunset Air Tour

Harry has been flying for over 40 years, and keeps the flight entertaining.  He has a very fun personality and is a joker.  You can tell he loves his job and loves flying.  On our drive up there, both Traveling Mom Tésa and myself had some minor concerns about flying in a small plane, but our pilots made us feel very comfortable and made the trip amazing.

Hocking Hills Sunset Scenic Air Tour

We took off and were able to see a beautiful sunset as well as the amazing scenery of the wooded area.  The flight was great, I just remember sitting in a plane, 500 feet higher than the treetops saying to myself “is this real?”

Here’s a video of our flight. The noise of the airplane came across extremely loud in the video. I was able to mute it and cover it with music in the first portion of the video. The last 30 seconds or so do pick up the airplane noise though.

The pilots told us about the area, and about a number of the local sites, it was very informative, even though we both spent most of the time looking out the window in awe.  Thank you very much to Harry and Karen for the fun experience, I have never been in a 4 seater plane before, but this experience was great and enjoyed by the both of us.

After nearly eating myself into a food coma on Saturday (and drinking a glass or two of wine) we woke up on Sunday and went to Hocking Hills Canopy Tour for a zipline adventure.

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of ziplining, just picture yourself flying 50 to 80 feet above the ground, surrounded by the trees with your only support being a ½ inch steel cable.  It seems pretty intense.  So much so, that Traveling Mom Tésa and I were afraid to bring our cameras for fear of dropping them to be lost forever.

Here are a few photos borrowed from the Hocking Hills Canopy Tour website to give you an idea of what it was like:

Hocking Hills Canopy Tour

Honestly, once you’re out there it is not as crazy as it seems. The guides do a great job of making sure you are always in the right position at the right time and they are laid back and funny too.

The Canopy Tour is  a unique adventure that’s open to all ages.  On our trip with 6 other riders, we were with a couple in their 50’s and 2 young girls who were about 8 and 10.

Not only was the ziplining fun but it was an eco-tour as well. Along the way our guides would tell us about the tree we were standing or the rock formations below.

Ziplining itself was a surreal feeling, like nothing else I had ever experienced.  The closest thing I can compare it to is a roller coaster (that you ride over and over), but with only that steel cable holding you hundreds of feet above the ground.

The Hocking Hills Canopy Tour is a must do for anyone who comes to Hocking Hills. In fact, it is rated by USA Today Travel as one of the 10 Greatest Ziplines in the United States!  We had a thrilling and inspiring experience and we look forward to doing it again very soon.

There is much more to do in Hocking Hills then hiking and exploring nature.  We highly recommend an in-cabin massage from Blue Valley Massage, the Scenic Air Tour at Vinton County Airport, and the Hocking Hills Canopy Tour as perfect compliments with the  nature that surrounds you in the Hocking Hills. Each activity allows you to relax and explore some of the beauty in the area and at the same time, you are able to satisfy your inner thrill-seeker!

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This trip was provided. No compensation was received. The opinions are my own and that of my family.

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  1. Maralea says:

    How fun! Would love to do the ziplining!

  2. How exciting! I have never been ziplining…sounds like a complete blast!

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