Port Huron to Mackinaw Sailboat Race

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Every city has something they can brag about.  Pasadena has the Rose Bowl, New Orleans has Mardi Gras and Port Huron, Michigan has the Port Huron to Mackinaw Sailboat Race.  Where else can you view up close over 200 sailboats on Thursday and Friday nights?

Port Huron to Mackinaw Sailboat RaceThe Black River is jammed with parked sailboats and other boats cruising up and down.

Port Huron to Mackinaw Sailboat RaceThen on Saturday morning  those sailboats glide pass to the sound of bagpipes from the Black River to their starting point on Lake Huron.  If you are lucky enough, as we were, to go to Fort Gratiot Park you can actually see the Spinnaker Start.

Port Huron to Mackinaw Sailboat RacePort Huron is a hopping town on Thursday and Friday. It is bustling with visitors and sailors from all over the country.  On every corner there is something to do. There was an art show, carnival, live mannequins, and a kid zone. Friday night was a laser light show and Saturday a lighted boat parade.

Port Huron to Mackinaw Boat RaceThe city is doing a great job to expanding on this event as well. They had three stages with bands playing at each of them.  We were lucky enough to catch the Navy Band. The lead singer can belt out a Janis Joplin with the best of them.  The other group we had the opportunity to see was BeBe and the Blue Maters. If you like Blues and are around the Port Huron area, they are the group you need to see.

Port Huron Sailboat Race

It is too late for you to see the Port Huron to Mackinaw Sailboat Race this year, but be sure to put it on your calendars for next!  It takes place every July.

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  1. Maria Malaveci says:

    I have lived in Michigan all my life and I have never been to Mackinaw :( These pictures are making me want to.

  2. Looks so nice!

  3. Oh, how fun! We went to Mackinaw Island a few times as kids and loved it!

  4. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says:

    I know this is a post from last year – but it’s as timeless as the Mackinaw Sailboat Race which we have been watching (our brief glimpse) since we were kids from beaches along the Chicago north shore… which is not as exciting as your Port Huron experiences/event – but still an experience we’ve been enjoying for as long as I can remember.

    We always back a picnic and spend a day and evening watching the grand sailboats go by (serenaded by smaller boats that join in as a informal escort (party crashers?) along the Chicago skyline for a brief hurrah – but it’s all an adventure and escape for us.

    Several years we drove up to Mackinaw so that my Honey/Hubby could participate in a 100 Mile Bicycling event (which coincided with a delightful and apparently annual Parade of Trucks! My Honey/Hubby got lost during his 100 mile ride – so it ended up being a 145 mile ride for him.

    As a stay at the grand Grand Hotel on the Island was out of our pay grade/budget – but we found this cheap but charming (in it’s own way) motel on the lake with built-in BBQ grills right on the “beach”! We picked up a steak, some of the famous smoked fish and enjoyed ourselves on the all-around gratifying mini-getaway (great escape!)

  5. I visited Mackinac Island just once, when I was a kid. I wrecked my bike and did a face plant — maybe it’s time to go back and make better memories!

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