Our Sunset Place Bed & Breakfast

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Tired Dad Dave and I have always shied away from staying in Bed & Breakfasts for no other reason than we had never done so before, so we didn’t really know what to expect. Our Sunset Place on Catawba Island in the Lake Erie Shores & Islands region of Ohio has opened up a new world of travel to us.

Our Sunset Place

Our Sunset Place is the only Bed & Breakfast on Catawba Island with a lakefront location. As you can see from this video we took our first night, you can see the B&B is appropriately named:

The best view of the sunset comes from the same place this video was shot – an adorable beachfront patio. Lake Erie stretches out as far as you can see as you relax while the sky changes from a deep blue to bright yellow then burnt orange and finally rose red. As you sit back in rocking lounge chairs, the waves slush in and out. Sitting on the beach, it was tough to remember I was still in Northeast Ohio.

Our Sunset Place

The owners of Our Sunset Place are Bart and Sandy Erwin.

They are fantastic people who are warm, welcoming, and inviting. They believe it is their job to make your stay as relaxing as possible. They are happy to serve you wine and a cheese plate upon arrival and breakfast every morning of your stay and they do so while sharing interesting stories about the history of the bed & breakfast and Catawba Island.

Bart and Sandy truly love owning and running Our Sunset Place and their enthusiasm and pride for both the B & B and the area is catching. They are also wonderful at never wearing out their welcome. They’ll converse with you, watch the baseball playoffs with you, and then subtly disappear so you have some alone time too.

In fact, Bart and Sandy are so friendly that when they do disappear, you kind of wonder where the fun went and it takes a minute or two to adjust to spending time alone. And when you wish to retire to your room in the middle of the day to sneak in a nap before dinner they encourage you and even remind you that you’re there to relax.

I also must mention their wonderful dog, Monroe. An 8-year-old German Shorthair, she was the most well-behaved dog.

Our Sunset Place Dog

She barely noticed that we were there and must find Our Sunset Place to be as relaxing as we did because she lounged around the entire time we were there. She was enjoying a swim in the lake when we arrived, but that was the most activity we saw from her the whole weekend. She kept to herself and never asked to be pet or bothered us. However, when we did stop to pat her back, she enjoyed it and we were happy to oblige. Monroe really is the perfect Bed & Breakfast dog – she’s there and then she’s napping.

Let me tell you about the food at Our Sunset Place. To put it simply it is plentiful and delicious. Sandy is a great cook and Bart is a wonderful Sous Chef. Our first night we were welcomed with a wonderful selection of cheeses to go with our bottle of wine. Later in the evening kolache pastries fresh from the oven were served and were so the perfect evening snack.

Breakfast was served at 9 am and the first morning we had fruit and muffins, ham bowls filled with eggs, mozzarella, a cherry tomato, and pesto, hash browns, and English muffins optionally topped with raspberry-peach jam homemade by Sandy. It was delicious! The second morning we were served fresh fruit, almond poppy seed muffins, french toast with caramelized fresh peaches, and bacon. It was such a wonderful way to start the day and was so much food that we only needed a small snack or appetizer for lunch.

Our Sunset Place not only offers one of the most beautiful vantage points for sunsets that I’ve ever seen, but many other amenities as well.

Here’s a few photos of the wonderful things you’ll find inside beautiful Bed & Breakfast:

Our Sunset Place Review

Indoors you’ll find a beautifully decorated common area/living room with a fireplace, comfortable furniture, bar, flat screen tv, gorgeous view of the lake. There’s also a wonderful kitchen and a game room with pool table, big screen tv, and even a Wii.

The guest rooms at Our Sunset Place are beautiful. All of the rooms were remodeled only a couple of years ago and are up-to-date and plush. Every guest room includes a private bath with plush robes, a 32-inch tv with Direct TV, a dvd player, and magnificent views of the Lake from every window.

The Catawba Room which is where we stayed, features a Jacuzzi tub and roomy bathroom. The bedroom itself is nice with a beautifully decorated wall scattered with copper foil leaves. My favorite parts of the room included being able to lay in bed and see the lake was having the outdoor covered patio just a few steps away.

The Mediterranean Room has a nice deep orange color and is decorated with paintings from around the world. This room also shares the covered patio with the guests of the Catawba room and the lake can be seen from the bed.

The Herring Room is on the main floor doesn’t have access to a deck or patio but the view from the room is stunning and the bathroom is fabulous. With a brand new shower with 5 shower heads it’s a good thing we didn’t stay in this room because I don’t think I’d ever get Tired Dad Dave out of the shower! There’s also a nice mural hand painted on the wall behind the bed that captures and carries on the lake view so you truly feel like you are on vacation.

While the interior is lovely Bart & Sandy have done a marvelous job with the exterior as well. Here’s a few shots:

Our Sunset Place Reviews

Outdoors you’ll find an upper level deck with a patio underneath and also the steps down to the lake. The upper deck has a table and chairs and outdoor heater so you can enjoy some wine and cheese while watching the sun go down. There is also one amenity that can’t be missed – the Thermospa Hot Tub/Swim Spa.

I forgot my swimsuit, but Tired Dad Dave always packs his so he was happy to go for dip one eventing. The spai overlooks the lake and Tired Dad Dave said the jets felt wonderful especially the ones targeting his feet. He sat back and enjoyed relaxing in the hot tub, at least until it started raining.

The Swim Spa features include the ability to swim against a forceful current and also sit down and row using adapted oars. What a great combination of relaxation and workout all rolled into one!


Tired Dad Dave and I enjoyed staying at Our Sunset Place so much we will be recommending it to all of our family and friends, and to you readers as well. We also are confident that we will be back. We’ve found a wonderful relaxing getaway just over an hour from home – I’m certain many more trips to Our Sunset Place will be in our future.

One point to remember when booking a stay at Our Sunset Place, is don’t make many plans while you’re there.

If you’re looking to relax, the bed & breakfast offers many ways to do so without leaving the premises. Between the gorgeous lake views from a number of vistas including your own bed, the cozy fireplace in the living room, the selection of DVD’s and books, the pool table, and the ThermoSpa Hot Tub/Swim Spa you could spend an entire weekend or more at Our Sunset Place and be entertained while relaxing the entire time.

There are a number of wonderful things to do in the area, but Tired Dad Dave and I suggest if it’s rest and relaxation you seek, Our Sunset Place with it’s gorgeous lakeviews, sunsets, inviting atmosphere ,friendly owners, and great food will provide everything you need to return home revitalized and with many memories.

*For a fantastic virtual tour visit Our Sunset Place website.

Thank you to Our Sunset Place for our stay. No compensation was received. The opinions are mine and that of my family.

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  1. My kids stayed in a Bed and Breakfast this summer while on vacation and absolutely loved it! I haven’t ever had the chance to stay at one, however, I am definitely going to find one on our next vacation. They always sound so nice and comfy.

  2. sherry butcher says:

    Oh, I want to go to a Bed & Breakfast again. You made me remember all the wonderful things they have to offer to their guess. TFS.

  3. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    Our Sunset Place Looks An Sounds Very Comfortable, I Really Like Your Photos, Great Views!

  4. I love staying at Bed and Breakfast when we travel! This one looks great!

  5. Now that you’ve tried a good B&B you’ll be able to branch out and visit others. I think they’re a great place to stay.

  6. Maralea says:

    Looks so relaxing!

  7. What a gorgeous place! And such a sweet dog!

  8. Ellen B says:

    beautiful – wish I could go there

  9. Looks so nice and peaceful!

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