Old Train Station Converted To Beautiful Bed & Breakfast: Rooms At Grayfield Review

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What do you do when you run across a dilapidated 19th century train station? If you live in Jonesville, Michigan and your names are Dee and Grigor Hasted you purchase it, put all the love and care you can muster and convert into a luxury bed and breakfast. When they bought it, the doors were kicked in, windows were broken, and animals were calling it their bed and breakfast.

Rooms At Grayfield Before


Today, The Rooms at Grayfield stand as a testament to them because they had the vision to see its potential. Each room has its own understated elegance while maintaining as much of the original woodwork and features as possible. You will find the ticket booth, a door that says Men’s Room that actually opens into a bedroom, and many other features of the train station.

Rooms at Grayfield Old Train Station

Rooms at Grayfield Property


Rooms at Grayfield

Rooms at Grayfield in MichiganThere are five spacious bedrooms each with their own elegant bathroom. There is one bedroom that has a barrier free bathroom. There is also the room they call the “man’s room.” Designed for the man who is hesitant to visit a bed & breakfast. Warm inviting colors, larger furniture, understated elegance.

Rooms at Grayfield Bedroom 2

Rooms at Grayfield Bedroom

Rooms at Grayfield BathroomJust as the house was designed with thoughtfulness and comfort of their guests so were the eight acres it sits on. While there are many cozy areas you can be by yourself or join the other guests. The yard is designed the same way with various areas among the many gardens to lounge.

Rooms at Grayfield Yard

The Rooms at Grayfield do not accept credit cards.  In fact they can not be reserved on line. To make reservations you have to use your phone and talk with Dee or Grigor. Dee told us one of the main reasons is that they like to start a repartee with their guests before they arrive. This welcoming feeling continued the entire time we were there. We felt like we had known them both for years. We can not be the only ones who felt this way, since almost everyone else there were returning guests.
Rooms at Grayfield Bed & Breakfast
Rooms at Grayfield Review
Rooms at Grayfield Review
Rooms at Grayfield Michigan
Rooms at Grayfield Michigan Review
Rooms at Grayfield Dining Room
Rooms at Grayfield B&BSo if you are looking for a getaway in the western part of the lower peninsula of Michigan, The Rooms of Grayfield may just be your ticket.  If you have always been hesitant about staying at a bed and breakfast this would be the perfect place to visit – warm, inviting, modern and not overbearing.  In other words a bed and breakfast just as about as perfect as possible.
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  1. Trasina McGahey says:

    Oh! I love the look of this place! So cute!

  2. It’s so beautiful. My husband and son are obsessed with trains. They would so love it.

  3. What a beautiful place.

  4. Austin Baroudi says:

    What a great idea! This place looks amazing! I’d love to go there someday.

  5. This is so cool! It sounds so relaxing and is beautiful. I would love to stay in a place like this!

  6. Very cool that they turned an old train station in a B&B. So much history in such a great place. I would love to stay at a B&B since I never have been to one.

  7. What an awesome looking place! I love how they kept a lot of the original woodwork when renovating it. Sounds so comfy cozy!

  8. How cool a place is that!

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