Must Visit Summer Vacation Destination: Grand Traverse Resort & Spa

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It wasn’t that long ago that the wind was howling, snow was blowing across the lawn, and night came creeping in at 6:00 pm. If you live in Michigan it was only a few short weeks ago. It was the winter that would never end. Thankfully time does move on and finally summer is here. That means only one thing for us – summer vacation and road trips.

Randy and I knew we wanted to get away but were not sure where we wanted to travel to. Then came an offer we couldn’t refuse. An opportunity to stay at and review the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa in Traverse City, Michigan. This resort had all we were looking for in a vacation, golf, pools, lake, spa, fine dining, shopping, tennis and even a kid’s camp.

Grand Traverse ResortWe were thrilled with our room in the tower.

Grand Traverse Resort Hotel TowerIt was large enough for Randy and I to spread out without being on top of each other.

Grand Traverse Resort RoomI like the fact that two chairs are provided, so often there is only a desk chair or if your lucky one comfortable chair. That means one of us has to lay on the bed. We moved the chairs easily to the front of the window so we could enjoy the amazing view of the golf course and pool area outside our window.

Grand Traverse Resort Rooms

Grand Traverse Resort Room View

Grand Traverse Resort ViewsAfter dinner we watched the sun begin its glorious descent right from our room.

Grand Traverse Resort SunsetGrand Traverse Resort offers the challenge of three golf courses. Two of them are par 72’s and one a par 70. The Bear, is a Jack Nicklaus signature course designed with Scottish link- style features. The Wolverine is designed to accommodate players of all levels. The Spruce Run is the original course. It overlooks Grand Traverse Bay.

Grand Traverse Resort Golf

Grand Traverse Golf

Grand Traverse Resort & Spa GolfAfter we strolled around the perimeter of the golf course, we stopped into The Grille at the club house for a bite to eat while looking out over the Golf Academy. Here they offer private lessons, 1, 2 and 3 day golf schools, clinics, and junior camps. The 2008 PGA Professional National Champion, Scott Hebert is the Director of Instruction.

Grand Traverse Resort Golf AcademyWe wandered back into the lobby and explored some of the stores. I was surprised to learn that the online retailer Mud Pie has opened its first brick and mortar store at Grand Traverse Resort.

Grand Traverse Resort MudpieThey have apparel, gifts and home accessories. It is too bad that all the grandkids are too big or they might have gotten some really cute outfits from here.

Grand Traverse Resort Shopping

Grand Traverse Resort Mudpie StoreAnother store that was pretty amazing was Dylan’s Candy Shop, and sister store Dylan’s Candy Bar-Candy Café. Both were founded by Ralph Lauren’s daughter, Dylan. The stores are like candy themselves, bright and colorful.

Dylan's Candy BarIt’s hard to walk by, in fact as you can see by the pictures we didn’t. Every Thursday through Sunday it’s “Create Your Own Cotton Candy.” How fun is that?

Dylan's Candy Bar ShopWhile we roamed around the lobby we came upon a large map of the Traverse City area.

Grand Traverse Resort MapBelow it were slips of paper that told about different areas around the city and what there was to do in each of them. It was such a helpful idea and one I had not seen before at any hotel or resort.

Saturday evening was spent at the Grand Traverse Beach Club, watching the sun drop over the bay and listening to music from a guitarist.

Grand Traverse Resort Beach ClubThere were many families there around the campfire roasting marshmallows for s’mores. The beach club has another pool and many types of resources for venturing on to the water such as kayak’s, paddle boats and canoes.

Beach Club

Grand Traverse Beach

Grand Traverse Resort Beach SunsetWe spent a short time in the casino affiliated with the resort. I am happy to report that Randy doubled his money.

If you are looking for that special get away for just you and that special someone or if you are searching for that perfect location for the family the Grand Traverse Resort can fit that bill. In fact, they have a 2013 Camp Traverse. A summer camp for kids 6-12 that offers games, sports lessons, field trips, swimming and much more. Your kids can spend a little as half a day up to a full week.

Grand Traverse Resort is worth the drive if that is the way you chose to come or there are many direct flights into Traverse City from locations such as Cleveland, Newark, Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, Detroit, & Minneapolis.

If your idea of a great vacation is a restful and stress free we would highly recommend the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa. Stay tuned for our upcoming review and picture tour of the food, indoor pool, and spa.

Accommodations and meals were provided. No compensation was received. The honest opinions are our own.

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  1. Robin Wilson says:

    I have to admit that when I think of Michigan, I don’t see any of this in my mind. I had no idea it had so much to offer! And that bed looks beautiful and comfy!

  2. Maralea says:

    The sunsets are gorgeous! Love all the shops too :)

  3. ellen beck says:

    This looks both beautiful and relaxing. It wwould be a nice place to be active or to relax!

  4. Sindy Murray says:

    the pictures look amazing, I like the view from your room! I’m sure my kids will love the camps and me too!

  5. This looks like such a nice relaxing place! The sunset is beautiful!

  6. Jill Myrick says:

    I have actually never been to a spa but this looks heavenly.
    I would love to gather my sister and mom and take a getaway here for a week.
    I would definitely be revived and refreshed when I returned home.


  7. Beautiful, and with a Dylan’s? Sounds like a win-win. I didn’t realize there was a Dylan’s anywhere but NY, and I even live in Michigan.

  8. I live in northern Michigan (less than an hour from Traverse), and was fortunate enough to stay at the Grand Traverse Resort once (for a weekend-long company Christmas party). People sometimes don’t realize how gorgeous northern Michigan can be in the summertime! Also, I was unaware that Create Your Own Cotton Candy was a thing, but I really think it needs to be experienced, soon!

  9. This looks so beautiful!

  10. amanda Whitley says:

    the hotel is beautiful. i have always wanted to go to dylans candy bar in new york, thought that was the only one

  11. Wow you got some beautiful pictures!! This looks like a great place to visit.

  12. This looks like a fun time. What beautiful pictures I have family in Michigan , and will definitely tell them about this place.

  13. Rachel Ellis says:

    It looks like you had an amazing time! Those views are absolutely gorgeous! I would love to go there sometime!

  14. I only recently moved to Michigan from the East coast. This is one area I really want to check out. Everyone tells me how beautiful it is.

  15. i often spend the summers in michigan, but have never stayed at a hotel. i had no idea there were such luxurious accommodations in the TC area.

  16. courtney hennagir says:

    man,this place looks so amazing! i love mud pie and i know i would have spent an afternoon there spending waaay too much money on adorable outfits! great view from your room too. that shot of the sunset is gorgeous!

  17. I would love to read a book and look out that window. Truly beautiful.

  18. Wow! Looks like a beautiful place! :)

  19. Sarah L says:

    OK, so there’s a direct flight from Denver. Chances are my vacation budgets don’t have air fare in them. Love to be on that lake.

  20. Jessica Z says:

    Grand Traverse is not that far a drive from me, so I would love to check it out! It looks beautiful and would be nice for a long weekend :)

  21. robyn paris says:

    looks like a lot of fun. I’ll keep this in mind for when i am ready to travel

  22. Michele P says:

    that looks like an awesome place to visit! While I am not crazy about golf myself, there seems to be tons of other activities you can do there with the family.

  23. Holly Wert says:

    i’m not a golf fan but you had a nice view from your room

  24. Sonya Morris says:

    The Grand Traverse Beach Club looks like my kind of fun!

  25. yum-I would have a blast in the candy store.

  26. md kennedy says:

    I love Traverse City – first visited 20 years ago in the middle of a snowstorm, looking at houses as I was considering moving there. Didn’t pan out, but you’ve inspired me to head back.

  27. Betty Baez says:

    Looks very cute and relaxing! I’ve never actually been to dylans candy shop but ive ordered from them before!

  28. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh that looks so nice and peaceful! It really has been a cold spring up here! I thought spring would never come! So glad it finally arrived!

  29. sheila ressel says:

    What a gorgeous resort. Would love to go there someday.

  30. Jennifer Dysart says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Love the lake, the golf course, spacious rooms

  31. It looks like you are somewhere in Europe! Love LOVE LOVE the pictures.
    Thanks for the post

  32. Starr Greenwell says:

    what a beautiful place, this would be a wonderful vacation.

  33. Looks like a wonderful place! Such beautiful pictures!!

  34. Wow, looks like a fun spot to getaway!

  35. john hutchens says:

    beautiful resorts and the kids would have fun too.

  36. This resort looks beautiful! It’s nice to know that there are nice resorts in places like Michigan.

  37. Susan P. says:

    It’s so funny that one of your golf course pictures is of the 3 men looking for one of their golf balls in the rough!

  38. Stephanie Phelps says:

    Wow I love all the pictures it looks very relaxing and my husband would love those golf courses! Having two chairs in your room is awesome! I can’t tell you how many we have been in that didn’t have but one hard desk chair and the rest of you were will just out of luck! Thank you for the fantastic review!

  39. kelly tillotson says:

    looks like a nice getaway location!

  40. Beautiful place, I especially love the campfire and smores idea, you can camp without actually having to camp you can do it in style

  41. Christopher Sorel says:

    darn wanted to go to traverse city for cherry fest but all booked up there

  42. Betsy Barnes says:

    This resort is so beautiful! What a huge bed too!! :)

  43. Ellen B says:

    wow this resort is awesome! I haven’t been on vacation in a very long time – maybe someday

  44. s riches says:

    What a nice resort. I like all the greenery and so many activities for young and old. Lucky you!

  45. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    So nice! *sigh* I am so ready for a road trip. And it’s dd–I never think of Michigan as a place to get away.

  46. Leanna Morris says:

    Loved this review. It is now on my “bucket list” for travel desitinations!
    Thank you for sharing

  47. Sarah L says:

    It’s hard to remember winter when it’s 98 degrees outside. I like all the water there.

  48. Just two weeks and we will be up there in TC. Beautiful area!

  49. Juan Sanchez says:

    Really gorgeous place, I hope to visit one day!

  50. Mary Williams says:

    That view looks beautiful! I would never have thought about going to Michigan for vacation but now I just might!

  51. Amy Orvin says:

    I love the pictures! I would love to visit and vacation here. It looks beautiful!

  52. One of our face Michigan cities!

  53. rebecca shockley says:

    The bed looks welcoming, I would love to shop at the gift shop, looks like they have a lot of great item’s. The whole post was very peaceful in itself!

  54. amanda assencoa says:

    this is beautiful you guys seem to always have a great time!!!

  55. courtney b says:

    jealous you went to dylans candy bar !:) love that place- looks very relaxing too, especially if you’re a golf player!

  56. Danielle Lindquist says:

    I would LOVE to take a vacation here!! I think I would try out everything except for the golf. Looks and sounds REALLY fun!

  57. Jeanna Wise says:

    Love the photos.

  58. Maralea says:

    What great photos! Looks like it would be a great place to vacation!

  59. Jane (eJ) says:

    Breath taking photo graphs, what a dream vacation this must be. I love the baby boutique photo, I would defiantly get the little flamingo dress for my daughter

  60. Olivia Rubin says:

    So is that large black glass building Grand Traverse? I love the entire resort, but the building doesn’t seem to match the vibe of all the greenery and activities. Just seems uber modern for all the fantastic activities you reviewed, even the rooms decor is more outdoorsy. Heck, I would still go

  61. I like the beach gathering. I see that you don’t have to play golf to enjoy this place.

  62. Tammy S says:

    What a beautiful place to visit. Your pictures are great. I love the picture of the sunset from your room. I would love to stay since there seems to be something for everyone.

  63. April Yedinak says:

    What a lovely place! I love Michigan in the summer and this looks like the place to enjoy it. The 2 girls that live next door spend their summers in Michigan with their grandparents and I love to hear about all the fun things they did.

  64. Maria Malaveci says:

    Love Traverse City area but have never been here. Will definitely be checking into this soon!

  65. Diana Stanhope says:

    They have some really stunning views!

  66. Looks like a nice and relaxing place

  67. Christopher Sorel says:

    Love traverse city area and michigan. Michigan MAN

  68. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    Looks Like A Great Place To Visit! The Views Look Amazing, And Something For Everyone! Dylan’s Candy Bar Would Be A Must Stop!

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