iPads Now Available in Hundreds of Hotel Rooms

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I was reading up on travel news the other other day and was excited to see that many hotels are starting to include iPads in their hotel rooms.


The iPads provide guests a way to access services and room controls. All hotels vary but most provide apps with options to:

  • Dim the lights
  • Adjust the air conditioning
  • Order room service
  • Set a spa treatment
  • Make reservations at a local restaurant
  • Retrieve car from valet
  • Arrange transportation
  • Set a wake up call
  • Check flights
  • Call a housekeeper
  • Contact the concierge
  • …and more
Some of the hotels that currently offer the in-room iPads include:
  • The Plaza in New York
  • Royal Hilton in New York
  • Mondarin SoHo in New York
  • Four Seasons in Los Angeles
  • The Hilton Inn at Penn in Philadelphia
  • Hotel Beaux Arts in Miami
  • Ecclestone Square in London

Also, coming soon in the next couple of weeks Inetitly, the software company behind the iPad hotel apps, will introduce a tablet computer system for restaurants. When diners enter the restaurant they will be given an iPad and can browse the menu and use the device while eating.

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  1. md kennedy says:

    I haven’t been to a hotel where the iPad they give you has all these apps, but I have been to a few where they do loan you iPads. I like it!

  2. That’s interesting. I would have never thought that hotels would include iPads in their hotels.

  3. I love how hotels are getting more up to the times with having items that their guest want. I think these little things will be what bring a guest back.

  4. This is cool idea!

  5. This would be so cool. I have never seen them at any of the hotels we have stayed at. I will have to start checking reviews to see if I can find a hotel with them.

  6. What a great idea!

  7. We ate a a restaurant recently that gave you iPads to order, if you wanted to. The best part was being able to see a pic of each prepared dish.

  8. Kenny F. says:

    sounds like a good idea

  9. Julie Sharwtz says:

    I wanna go visit the hotel now just to try out a IPad wish we could @waterbluffy

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