Hilton Garden Inn Indianapolis Downtown Review

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Indianapolis has always struck me as a big city feel with a small community atmosphere.  Since my sister lived there for several years, our daughters played a volleyball tournament every year there and the regional office for the company Grandpa Randy worked for was located there, it has become very familiar to us through the years.

Even though we love the Broad Ripple area and the entire northeast side, we jumped at the opportunity to say downtown at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Indianapolis.

Hilton Garden Inn Indianapolis ReviewsWhen things go smoothly at a hotel, there is really no way to judge how they truly operate.  It is when a problem occurs, that you can tell what management’s attitude is.

When we arrived in our room, Grandpa Randy decided he was going to snooze and I was going to read.  We had just settled in when the phone rang.  I picked it up, but there was no one there.  I hung up.

Two seconds later it rang again, with the same results.

It wasn’t five minutes later until there was a knock on the door.  It was maintenance saying our phone did not work and they wanted to replace it.  Randy told him it was fine we did not need it.

Two seconds later the phone rang, again with no one there.

I was beginning to get irritated.

Within minutes there was a knock at our door, a voice said she was from the front desk.  When we opened the door she apologized and said she was the one who had been calling.

The valet had hit our back bumper on the wall and she wanted us to come down to check it.  Meanwhile, the maintenance man was standing there with a new phone.

The damage to our car was minor bu the Hilton Garden Inn offered us a rental to get around the city the next day, while they got it repaired.  I told them I just wanted to take it home to the person I knew.  They agreed and asked us to get an estimate and they would mail the check out immediately.

I was impressed that when we did not send the estimate within two days of getting home, the hotel e-mailed following up.  Once the estimate was complete and we faxed it over, we had our check within three days.

We were very pleased.

Pleased with the valet for reporting it, he easily could not have and we probably would not have noticed until after we had left Indianapolis.  We were also pleased with the front desk for being persistent and handling the incident in an appropriate manner.

The Hilton Garden Inn Indianapolis Downtown was originally the Fletcher Savings & Trust Company.  If you look closely at the lobby you can visualize the teller cages and where the safe was probably located.

Hilton Garden Inn Indianapolis Downtown ReviewThe brass handrail in the lobby is beautiful, as is the ceiling.  It is a grand old building that has been well maintained to keep its elegance.

Our room was surprisingly large for a downtown hotel and elegantly furnished.

Our room had a desk with  an ergonomic desk chair, that was wonderfully comfortable.  As well as a 32″ LCD flat panel TV and free Internet service, which is a huge plus in my book.

Hilton Garden Inn IndianapolisIt also included another chair and ottoman.

Hilton Garden Inn Indianapolis ReviewIn the hallway was an armoire that had a microwave, refrigerator and coffee maker.

Hilton Garden Inn Indianapolis ReviewThe Hilton Garden Inn prides itself on their dual adjustable beds, which in our case was wonderful.

Grandpa Randy is either the world’s worse tosser and turner or I am the world’s lightest sleeper.  In either case, he either slept better in a mattress he adjusted or I did, or maybe both of us did, because he never woke me.

The bathroom was a surprise.  It had an extremely large granite countertop, which was wonderful for all my makeup.

The hotel also has a heated indoor pool,  hot tub and a fitness center.  To tell the truth we did not get an opportunity to try any of them, because of the hotel’s location.  We got all the exercise we needed simply by walking downtown and admiring the architecture.

The Hilton Garden Inn Indianapolis Downtown would be my recommendation for those attending the Super Bowl in 2012, the Big Ten Championship Football Game, or those simply visiting Indianapolis.

Our room was provided for review. No compensation was received. The honest opinions are my own and that of my family.

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  1. Looks nice! I like that it’s in downtown

  2. Nice room and I love their tv so different than most hotels

  3. Love shopping in Indy! My daughters and I went there last year for an overnight shopping trip, will have to keep this Hilton Garden in mind for our next one!

  4. This is the perfect example of good customer service. Sometimes things happen, this is with any business. However when something starts messing up your vacation it really irks you. A good hotel manager can make all the difference.


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