Have You Ever Felt Like This?

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Vacation From My VacationWhile I love vacations where we relax on the beach, play in the sand and surf, and don’t do much of anything, some of my favorite vacations have also been those where we are on the go all the time. The memories that are made when we visit a busy city, tourist destination, or amusement park are special in themselves and sure to bring just as much laughter and smiles as those spent at the beach.

It is fun to hit up all the “must-sees” on our lists and we are a family that loves to stay busy, but sometimes we do have to stop for a minute because we find ourselves thinking, “I”m going to need a vacation from this vacation!”

How about you? What was one vacation you took that was so fun and busy you needed a vacation from it?

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  1. Maralea says:

    Cute picture! Yes I have definitely needed a vacation afterwards!

  2. Maria Malaveci says:

    Oh my goodness yes! Our last trip to Greece I totally felt like I needed a vacation after!

  3. There was a time we went back east to see my husbands family. They had us booked to do something from the minute the plane landed until it took off a week later. We were exhausted!

  4. MD Kennedy says:

    The only vacation we felt we needed a vacation from was a last-minute trip to Hawaii. The flight there was so long and with so many connections, we spent half the week just recovering!

  5. haha yep!

  6. saminder gumer says:

    i feel like this a lot. that is why when i vacation now i try to take relaxing ones and at least a couple of the days not do anything but just relax and enjoy it.

  7. I always feel like that after amusement parks. Lots of fun, but ready for things to slow down after.

  8. What really gets me is the unpacking! Ahhh!

  9. I need a vacation from any vacation with my young grandsons!! You’re doing everything you do on a normal daily basis, but just in a different location!

  10. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    So True! Vacations Always Tire Me Out , I Need A Week Or So To Recover

  11. Joni Mason says:

    The last time I needed a vacation from my vacation was when we stayed @ home but visisted all the attractions around us. We live near Chattanooga, TN and there is SO much to do!!! Sometimes you realize that you are missing out on what is right in front of you!

  12. My wife and I went to Boston and we were busy just trying to take in all the sites. I also ran the Boston Marathon during that trip so I definitely needed a break after that. One of the most relaxing trips we took was on a cruise, laid back, never having to fix a meal or be anywhere at a specific time.

  13. Most vacations end up being like that for us! I’d say the trip to Yosemite and northern Cali was one of the craziest. Soooo much to see and do (wine country FTW!) – 2 1/2 weeks wasn’t nearly enough.

  14. Jen Barker says:

    yes many times. I do try to remind myself, that at least I did have a vacation, but that doesn’t always work. lol

  15. There was one time we went to visit my husbands family. They had every minute of our vacation booked. I think the only time I was by myself was when I went to the bathroom. LOL. I love them but I was so tired by the time we got home I could have slept for days.

  16. Richard Hicks says:

    YES! We always try to plan the vacations such that we have a couple days afterward to just unwind from all the excitement

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  17. Jennifer Marie says:

    I ALWAYS feel like I need a vacation after our crazy long driving excursions! :)

  18. I always feel like I need a vacation after a vacation they always seem so short when your having a good time

  19. Trasina McGahey says:

    I’m going on a trip to London soon and I hope I need a vacation from a nice vacation! :)

  20. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    Yes, After Most vacations I Need A Mini Vacation To Recover !:)

  21. Oh how I remember feeling like that when the kids were younger!

  22. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I think we have developed some kind of mania for being busy! Hubzand I have learned to factor in some “down time” when planning a vacation. We know that while we are in the great travel destination, we won’t want to miss a thing, so we schedule the first whole day AFTER we get home to just chill–not even do the unpacking if we don’t want to.

  23. Never seems to fail, always very exhausted but had tons of fun.

  24. I think that is so true! I am always exhausted after a vacation!

  25. Ha, ha, yes, I’ve had those vacations. We went to Europe for 2 weeks after college and we just kept going non-stop for 2 weeks. It was a trip of a lifetime but we were exhausted when we came home.

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