Disney’s Yacht Club Resort Review

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Disney Yacht Club HotelThis spring we took Kora & Logan down to Disney World and got a room at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. The hotel was huge, unique, and very stately. We loved that it was right on the water and that we could see and even walk to the Boardwalk shops and restaurants.

Dinsey's Yacht Club Boardwalk

Disney World Yacht Club ResortThe pools were beautiful. One even had a sandy beach area leading into it!

Disney Yacht Club PoolThe beach was gorgeous too.

Disney Yacht Club BeachThey even have a fantastic pirate ship water slide for the kids!’

Disney Yacht Club WaterslideThe weather was perfect when we were there. As you can see we had blue skies and sunshine. The temps were in the 80s. Even so the pools and the beach were never overly crowded. And the air was filled with laughter, a sure sign of everyone having a good time.

The one thing to note about Disney’s Yacht Club Resort is that it is enormous! When we checked in and were directed to our room, we couldn’t believe how long the walk was. We went from one hallway to the next to the point it felt like we were walking around the World Showcase at Epcot. After that first experience we didn’t walk through the hotel very often, instead we used the sidewalks to cut diagonals across the lawn to save time. My advice would be upon check-in that if you have a lot of luggage utilize the bell hops. You will be thankful you saved yourself lugging the suitcases for as long as we did.

Once we found our room we were very pleased.

Disney's Yackt Club The room really made us feel like we were members of an exclusive yacht club. It was a good size and even had a daybed for an additional guest.

Disney Yacht Club ReviewThe view from our balcony was so peaceful and relaxing especially after a long day at the parks.

Disney Yacht Club RoomThe bathroom was a nice size and I liked the double sinks and mirrors which helped speed along the process of getting ready each morning.

Disney's Yacht Club ReviewsThere was a nice desk as well, complete with an adorable captain Mickey lamp that made us smile.

Disney Yacht Club Reviews

Disney World Yacht ClubThere was also the Disney attention to detail every where in the room. See the top of the mirror in the far away shot of the desk? It’s a hidden Mickey in the rope decor around the mirror.

Mickey could also be found in the bedspreads as well.

Disney Yacht Club MickeyAnd we were even greeted with a Mickey towel character when we arrived!

Disney's Yacht Club ReviewHow cute is that?!

I loved that the hotel melded two different themes together so well. It had the feel of a high end yacht club resort sprinkled with a little Disney magic.

We had a fantastic time at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort and enjoyed being able to walk into Epcot’s World Showcase whenever it was open. The resort was very family friendly and with the close distance to both Epcot and the Boardwalk there are lots of dining options and entertainment available in the area. Between the pools, the water slide, the beach, the Boardwalk, and the short walk to Epcot, there’s something for everyone.

Accommodations were included in the price of the Disney Social Media Moms conference ticket which we purchased ourselves. No compensation was provided. The honest opinions are my own and those of my family.

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  1. Maralea says:

    This resort looks so fun! Love all the little Disney features!

  2. Kate F. says:

    I’d love to stay at that hotel! It’s so cool.

  3. Olivia Rubin says:

    When I worked in Disney as an Attractions hostess in Fantasyland, my roommate worked in Hotel & Guest Relations. I remember her coming back to our apartment and hoarding all the towels on living room floor as she learned to create different figure out of them. It was really cool. I learned to make a few as well. Disney hotels are one of the few that I know are clean.

  4. Jennifer Marie says:

    What a super cute place to stay!

  5. The Micky Mouse towel reminds me of how we would always find a towel creature in our room when we took a cruise.

  6. Looks like a beautiful family day was achieved with Disney vacations… nice

  7. Kristine E. says:

    It has always amazed me how many animals can be formed from one little towel!

  8. Harmony B says:

    Love Disney! Looks beautiful there.

  9. Stephanie says:

    This hotel looks really nice. I’d love to plan a trip to Disney with my niece and nephew when they get a little older. Anytime you can walk to the attractions is a plus for me!

  10. I love the Yacht Club and the awesome pool and you can walk to Epcot! Ohh, now I want to go back!

  11. This is one of my favorite resorts at WDW!

  12. Loved reading this review. I have seen The Yacht Club when I’ve been to Disney World and always wondered what it was like. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Nice room. Mickey is everywhere

  14. Christina Strapp says:

    This looks like a lot of fun. I love the room.

  15. mmm…. one day.

  16. I love all the little touches! Especially the headboards!! My son would LOVE that ship! Disney really knows how to bring the magic!

  17. The rooms look so nice. I would love to take my kids to stay here. It looks like a great place to stay. Thanks for the review.

  18. I just LOVE the room theme!! I wish we lived closer to Disney resorts, but can’t wait to take the family some day!!

  19. How beautiful! The next time we go to Disney we are definitley staying on the property.

  20. Looks like your family has lots of fun on all these trips!

  21. Diana Stanhope says:

    Aww this looks like a lot of fun! The towel is a cute touch.

  22. What a gorgeous hotel that is. I’ve stayed in most of the up front resorts in the park, but not that one yet. Clearly I need to make that a priority!

  23. How fun! Love the decorations!

  24. Austin Baroudi says:

    This looks so amazing! My daughter would love the pirate ship slide!!! Thanks for the post!

  25. Jennifer Marie says:

    Love the double sinks!

  26. saminder gumer says:

    disney has so many places to go. i love it. i loved the yacht themed rooms a lot. i will have to check this out one day.

  27. This looks beautiful. I didn’t even know that Disney had a Yacht Club. My kids really want to go to Disney World. this looks like a place we would enjoy staying. Thanks for the review.

  28. Christina Kelbel says:

    This looks awesome. I do not care for the decor but all else looks wonderful.

  29. I like the yact club. never been there and its so beautiful! I have seen it online though

  30. Jennifer Marie says:

    super cute pics-love that your kids always look like they love each other-mine are hard to capture that way

  31. this looks fun!

  32. I haven’t been to disney since my kids were little. Time to take the grandson!!!!

  33. This looks so inviting! I love the room decor and the fabulous pirate ship. (Good advice to use the bell hops around this huge facility!)


    Oh very lovely, not suprisingly since it seems like anything connected to Disney is wonderful, doesn’t it seem that way? I wouldn’t know first hand though bc I’ve never had the chance to go to Disneyworld or Disneyland or Disney anything.

  35. It looks pretty awesome! I bet your kids loved it

  36. mary renshaw says:

    We LOVE Disney’s Yacht Club!!! Its so nice and the dining options are wonderful! And just being able to walk to epcot is a HUGE bonus

  37. Love all the details they put into this hotel!

  38. oh wow this looks beautiful! so much fun for the kids!

  39. bill elliott says:

    My grandchildren would love to go here

  40. Thomas Murphy says:

    I would love to go to Disneys yacht club with my family.

  41. Richard Hicks says:

    looks like a really fun place to take a vacation. Photos are great and would love to visit someday

  42. Gina Pastella says:

    Beautiful resort!

  43. wow…looks gorgeous! love the sandy beach pool! my hubby and I once considered going to this resort but couldn’t afford it…still can’t…hahahaah

  44. this looks like a place i would really enjoy staying! thanks for the review and great photos.

  45. Stephanie says:

    cute pictures

  46. Looks like a great place to stay. I really like the mixture of nautical theme and Disney.

  47. This is where I want to stay when I visit Disney!

  48. Michelle S says:

    How chic! The rooms look very cute and inviting.

  49. heather hayes panjon says:

    Looks so fun and relaxing!:)

  50. Christy Maurer says:

    This looks like a wonderful place to stay! I’ve always wondered what the yacht club looked like inside :) I’d love to go!

  51. Another great review! Thanks!

  52. Cute, cute, cute!!

  53. LAMusing says:

    Disney always pays attention to the details – lovely :)

  54. Betty Baez says:

    very nice i love the details in the rooms

  55. Looks like a very nice! Beautiful pictures!

  56. heather hayes panjon says:

    I like the details of the lamp, great photos thanks for sharing!:)

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