Blue Man Group Review

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I’m excited to share that the Blue Man Group is currently on tour. They were recently in Cleveland at the Palace Theater in PlayhouseSquare and Dave and I took some time to go see them. What a show!

Blue Man Group DrummingThey had the entire audience laughing, clapping, and dancing in their seats. It’s such an entertaining and interactive show that you can’t help but have a great time. Throughout the show they amazed us with their quirky talents like:

  • Catching an extraordinary amount of marshmallows in their mouths tossed from across the stage
  • Drumming on a variety of different pipes and tubes to catchy beats that had us tapping our feet and dancing in our seats
  • Creating an impressive rhythm simply by chomping on Cap’n Crunch
  • Drumming in colorful paint and creating pieces of art
  • Catching paint balls in their mouths and then spitting/spraying the paint on to a white board in a form of abstract art
  • …and more!

Blue Man Group ReviewThe show was spectacular and we loved the audience interaction. A member of the audience was selected to come on stage to enjoy a comical dinner of Twinkies with the Blue Men. It was far from your typical dinner and had us all laughing and groaning at the same time. They also chose another audience member to don a paint suit and be hustled backstage for some abstract body art.

These were fun moments and we enjoyed that the Blue Man Group continually acknowledged and involved the audience throughout the performance. One way they did this was by walking up and down the aisles and randomly stopping to stare at audience members. This turned out to be quite awkward for the person being stared at but pretty funny for the rest of us. Later they took this a step further by actually walking through and over the audience by stepping on arm rests and seatbacks.

They also spent a lot of time looking out at us often in a surprised manner as if to ask, “What are you doing here?” and sometimes, “What was that?” in response to something they did or something someone shouted.

Blue Man GroupThe ultimate audience involvement segment came at the end of the show. The Blue Men rolled out enormous balls, balls so big they wouldn’t fit inside my living room! At first they drummed on them and then it wasn’t long before they tossed them out to the audience for us to bop around in delight. It may seem a bit silly, but honestly it was so carefree and fun watching the colorful balls bounce around and bopping them back whenever they would float our way.

Blue Man Group BallsWhile the balls bounced, they played fun dance music all the while and eventually started shooting toilet paper and streamers out at us as well.

Blue Man Group ReviewsIt felt like a good old fashioned dance party and when I looked around everyone was smiling and laughing.

Blue Man Group TourThe tour is continuing on and the upcoming dates and locations can be found on the Blue Man Group National Tour schedule page.

The show ended on such an exhilarating note that we recommend it to anyone looking for fun and fantastic entertainment that’s sure to provide amazement, smiles, laughter, and even some dancing.

Tickets were provided. No compensation was received. The honest opinions are my own. No photography was allowed during the show. The above pictures were provided by PlayhouseSquare/Blue Man Group.

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  1. This looks like it would be an amazing show! Maybe one day they will perform in my area. I would love to see this!

  2. My kids saw the Blue Man Group at Universal and said it was the best show ever!

  3. Shelly Sawicki Lash Neuhouser says:

    All the colors look amazing, this would be a great show to see.

  4. Oh what fun! I bet my family would enjoy such a lively show.

  5. Olivia Rubin says:

    I remember when they first came to off broadway in NY, but I was a college student and didnt have the money for tickets. It seems like it would be a really nice, uplifting show. I love that they interact with Audience and make music in so many unique ways

  6. carol roberts says:

    i bet that is fun to see them i mean there so neat my kids would love to go see them wow thanks for the reveiw

  7. Jennifer Marie says:

    Just came in contact with someone yesterday that she saw these performers and that they are great. hopefully they come around again!

  8. I’ve seen them twice, and both times were PHENOMENAL!!! Words cannot describe how amazing and fun their shows are. Everyone should see them at least once in their lives.

  9. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    That Looks Like A Great Show, I Love That Art Was Incorporated :)

  10. Mary Happymommy says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! I saw them on Celebrity Apprentice.

  11. Becky Greene says:

    I have seen the Blue Man Group in NYC and I heartily agree with your recommendation! We had a great time!!

  12. Kristine E. says:

    I saw them here in Columbus and got to go back stage and it was amazing! I would go see them anytime they are in town!

  13. Ugo Anyanwu says:

    Looks like a bunch of fun!

  14. I’ve heard of the Blue Man Group for years, but never really understood what they do on stage – dance? sing? I loved your description and photo – I think I finally understand. Thanks so much. I may check them out if they come to New Orleans.

  15. Looked like a fun show

  16. I have always wanted to see them. I hope they come near us some time soon!

  17. I love your photos! I bet they put on a great show. :-)

  18. We saw Blue Man Group in Las Vegas and loved it!! Also, I had heard before the show if we hurried to The Gift Shop we could purchase the painting they did on the stage so we did!! It cost $45 which I thought was a great price! And then we went back to where they came out after the show and they autographed it by stamping it with their blue hands! Have it hanging in our home now! It’s amazing!!

  19. Jennifer Marie says:

    This show looks amazing. I think my hubby would like it too!

  20. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    My boys saw a Blue Man show some years ago—they LOVED it! Mine are more rock, blues, “alternative” music lovers and have seen many concerts. But they said this was one of the best shows they’d ever seen.

  21. This sounds like an amazing show. I have seen them in the past and it is a very lively show. I love the toilet paper streamers.

  22. Austin Baroudi says:

    This looks like a blast! The blue man group is awesome!!!

  23. This looks like it would be awesome!

  24. I would love to see this show

  25. MD Kennedy says:

    I want some of those balls for my living room! Good activity to get us off the couch when ads are on!

  26. So happy to hear you loved them! I just bought tickets for my hubby and Cal to see BMG in Vegas. I would love to see them too after reading this. :)

  27. saminder gumer says:

    i havent seen them i a long time i saw them in vegas and it was great. i am glad you had a good time.

  28. Seen them twice. It’s a great show.

  29. I saw them in Vegas. You wrote a great review. I find it hard to describe the experience

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