Bert the Conqueror on The Travel Channel – Fun & Funny!

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The Travel Channel is launching a new show featuring thrill-seeker and comedian Bert Kreischer called Bert the Conqueror. In this show, Bert brings viewers along for the ride as he participates in legendary events, adrenaline inducing stunts, and crazy competitions. He visits towns all across America and attempts the activities and escapades the locals deem fun.

The premiere episode of Bert the Conqueror takes place on Wednesday, June 16th at 10:00 pm EST where Bert will become a Human Sling Shot in Utah. A second episode runs immediately after at 10:30 pm on the Travel Channel and showcases Bert vs. Cedar Point.

Bert’s thrill-seeking spirit and comedic humor make the show exciting and hilarious to watch. Just some of the activities he participates in throughout the season include:

  • Riding the Fearsome Foursome at Cedar Point in Ohio
  • Walking The Greasy Pole in Massachusetts
  • Catfish Noodling in Tennessee
  • The Human Sling Shot in Utah
  • Jumping off the Stratosphere in Las Vegas
  • Competing in The Slush Cup in New Hampshire
  • Free Falling in Wisconsin

This show will be a must-see for us this summer. Tired Dad Dave and I love to travel and who doesn’t love to laugh? Bert the Conqueror is a perfect combination of the two.

If you’re not sure whether the show sounds funny or entertaining enough for you, check out this 1 min sneak peek at the upcoming season:

After watching that clip, I’m so excited to see the show! It look so fun & funny, it practically guarantees good laughs.

Prior to becoming the Travel Channel’s newest adventure seeker, Bert began a career in comedy in 1998 working at the Boston Comedy Club. Within a year he had grabbed the attention of Will Smith, who signed him to a television developmental deal. Bert co-hosted ‘The X-show’ on FX and made his acting debut starring in the CBS/20th Century Fox pilot, ‘Life with David J’ with Elliot Gould.

Bert has also appeared on Comedy Central’s ‘Premium Blend‘, ‘Shorties Watchin Shorties‘, VH-1, FX’s ‘Hurt Bert‘, ‘The Shield‘, ‘Last Comic Standing 2‘, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live‘, and hosted Spike TV’s ‘Fresh Baked Video Games.’

Tune in tomorrow night, Wednesday, June 16th at 10:00 EST to watch the first and second episodes of Bert the Conqueror and get ready to for some good old-fashioned laughs.

You can also follow Bert on Twitter @bertconquers.

Thanks to the Travel Channel for providing the information for this post. No compensation was received.

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  1. Sounds crazy but I love shows like that. Im not that adventurous though

  2. Looks like this would be a great show! Lots of laughs for sure!

  3. What FUN! My kids would love this for sure! Thanks for sharing Tesa’

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