All-Inclusive Vs. Regular Vacations

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For some travelers, the perfect vacation involves lounging on a white sand beach with a cool drink in hand and the same beautiful hotel room to retire to at the end of each long day in the sun. For others, the perfect vacation involves exploring the unfamiliar, eating like a local, and bouncing from one exciting activity to another. Neither way of vacationing is better than the other. It is all a matter of a traveler’s personality and personal preference.

Palm TreeFor a traveler who belongs in the first group, an all-inclusive vacation is a perfect option. Because almost everything, including meals and the cost of lodging, is included in rates for an all-inclusive vacation, a traveler can sit back and relax and not have to worry about where he will eat that night or if he will have enough money to last for the whole trip. Many all-inclusive vacations also include alcoholic beverages and a large number of activities into their base rate, as well.

Travelers, on the other hand, who love to explore a different neighborhood or region each day and visit local restaurants in search of native cuisine may not enjoy all-inclusive vacation resorts, which are designed so that visitors really never have to leave their grounds and explore the surrounding country or area. Of course, a restless traveler like this could choose to leave the all-inclusive resort in search of his own adventure and local dining, but it would not be very cost effective in the long run. It would make much more sense for this type of traveler to plan a regular vacation on his own.

JamaicaAll-inclusive resorts may also be an attractive choice for some families. Once thought of as being a wild playground for singles looking for fun and the opposite sex, all inclusive vacation resorts have grown, now, to include many that cater to families. Family-oriented all-inclusive resorts usually offer many clubs and activities for teens and children, as well as dining options that are perfect for all ages. All-inclusive resorts are also an excellent place to hold a family reunion because they do offer a large variety of activities and dining options that should appeal to everyone, from grandparents to toddlers. Planning meal times for a large group is also easier to do in an all-inclusive resort, as there are no bills to tally up.

So how does a traveler know if his next trip should be at an all-inclusive or a regular vacation? If a traveler’s main desire is to get away from the world and not worry about planning activities or dining, he should choose an all inclusive. Most of these all-inclusive resorts are located on beautiful beaches in places like Mexico or on a Caribbean island.

BeachIf, on the other hand, a traveler prefers to explore places off of the beaten path, visit cultural sites, soak in local color and enjoy native cuisine, he should definitely plan a regular vacation.

Of course, there are some families or couples where one person loves to explore and the other would prefer an all-inclusive style vacation. For these types, many all-inclusive vacations have strived to add more activities, such as snorkel trips and jet skiing to keep the restless traveler busy and happy. While many of these activities do cost extra, they are at least an option for the adventurous types. Many all-inclusives have also worked to include more dining options, knowing that one of the chief complaints about these types of resorts is that their meals can become monotonous.

A reputable Canadian travel agency can help a traveler decide which is the best type of vacation for him, whether it is one at an all-inclusive resort or a regular vacation. An agent can also make all the necessary bookings, as well.

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  1. I love the all inclusive vacations!

  2. saminder gumer says:

    thanks for the info and your thoughts. it all depends on the vacation i want to take and who is going. i look at a lot of factors and then it all comes down to cost and what type of accommodations i want to stay in.

  3. Like the all inclusive option!

  4. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    Any Type Of Vacation Sounds Great To Me !:)

  5. When I am traveling alone or with my husband I prefer regular vacation because it gives us more freedom. When I’m traveling with kids then all inclusive is definitely the best option! My kids are still little so it’s very nice nit to worry about food and entertaiment, it’s nice stress free vacation.

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