5 Summer Vacation Suggestions

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Summer vacation. It’s such a complex time of year. The weather is gorgeous, the days are longer, and the kids are home from school.

Picking Dandelion - Photo Credit Randy HeathPhoto Credit Randy Heath

These are all elements of fun, at least until mid-June. Then children, who were happy to entertain themselves for hours on end in those first couple of weeks off of school are now whining, “I’m bored!” and “There’s nothing to do!”

In today’s world of constantly being connected online, on our phones and to our gadgets, it’s even harder to connect with our kids. Widening that gap even further, as kids are getting older they are turning to electronic devices to keep their attention. Here’s a few sure-fire ways to keep families busy, happy, challenged, and connected this summer. I dare you to try them all!

Take The Training Wheels Off

No Training WheelsTake this both literally and figuratively. If you’ve got a child old enough to ride a two wheel bike, take those training wheels off and spend quality time teaching them how to balance. And use this phrase to challenge yourself and your children. What is something you’re a bit hesitant to try? Rock climbing? Running a 5K? Reading War and Peace? Go for it this summer! Find a local rock climbing facility, start running around your neighborhood, visit your area local library. The challenge will lead to smiles and laughter (along with maybe a few thrills and spills) and will create memories to last a lifetime.

Take a Vacation

4th of July Kids At BeachThere are so many summer vacation ideas out there that if you’re able to, try to squeeze one in. From a luxurious 7 day cruise to a 3 hour canoe trip through nature, from a tour of Europe to pitching a tent in the backyard. Whatever type of vacation you choose it will be memorable to your children simply because you’re all together. In today’s world of being a little too “wired” too often, we don’t spend the time with our children that we should. Vacations are perfect excuses to unplug and to be unreachable to everyone, and to focus on those who matter most. So start saving your pennies and start planning.

Buy A Fire Pit

Fire PitInstead of spending those beautiful summer evenings inside staring at the television, computer, or smartphone connect with one another outdoors. Buy a fire pit and sit outside after dinner. It’s a wonderful way to wind down at the end of the day. Don’t forget to roast marshmallows, catch lightening bugs, and just “be.” Teaching your children how to relax in our crazy, always-on-the-go world will be a lesson they won’t forget.

Be A Kid

Running Down A HillWhat do you miss most about being a kid? The freedom? The pure joy? The laughter? Sometimes I think today’s technology too far removes us from the classic fun of the “good-old-days.” So why not set down that iPad, get off the computer, put away the video games a couple of nights a week and play like a kid? Head out to the backyard for a game of catch. Have a water balloon fight. Have a hula hoop contest. Play hopscotch and four-square (not the online version). Blow bubbles. Go down the twisty slide. These are all easy, require very little supplies & money, and are sure to get everyone, even the kids, feeling like a kid again.

Find Free & Cheap Local Activities

Summer Carnival RideFree & cheap activities can be fun! Most big chain bookstores offer story times once or twice a week. Libraries often also provide story times, as well as craft activities, and special performances. Local park systems sometimes host free nature classes, crafts, and presentations. Some zoo’s offer free days for county residents. It’s also always nice to get the family out of the house for dinner every now and then. Before you go, simply type “Kids Eat Free” into your favorite search engine, to browse lists of area restaurants that offer meal discounts for families. Local festivals pop up left and right during the summer. These are a few great ways to spend some time together without spending much (if any!) money.

There’s so much to do in the summer and it’s the perfect opportunity to re-connect with our kids. These 5 Summer Vacation Suggestions are fun, memorable ideas that will replace yells of “I’m bored!” with lots of laughter, smiles, and memories.

What about you? What do you do to battle  “I’m bored!” and to connect with your kids during the summer?

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  1. We are always looking for fun and free activities when we have the grandkids over. Sitting around a bonfire is also a family favorite!

  2. Julie Wood says:

    We always find fun things to do, but I like the sitting by the fire pit and having a good time outside. We go to the library and eat free restaurants and we go to the museum and find places that do not cost a lot of money.

  3. judy gardner says:

    spending time around the fire pit is one of our favorite passtimes!

  4. Stephanie Phelps says:

    This are all great ways to spend time with your family! I am excited to get out there and get back to the basics with the kids. I love to take cardboard boxes we paint them and turn them into little cars to strap on and run relays. We also love to just go to the lake for the day with a picnic and swim. The real fun comes in the evenings and just going out and playing hide and seek in the backyard! Everyone gets to be involved and its great exercise . Thank you for all the other great ideas! :) Happy Summer!

  5. Matthew says:

    Yes! Fire pit is a great idea! My family has one out in the backyard. Every weekend the family comes over and we sit outside at night. Love the summer nights! And yes, we make s’mores as well. I love the summer.

  6. We’ve been taking advantage of half-off boat rentals from Groupon and other deal sites.

  7. Olivia Rubin says:

    I love all these suggestions. My current goal is to,register for a 5k race. 10 weeks ago I could t run. Today I ran 3.55 miles in 30 minutes

  8. I think that too much technology is sapping a lot of joy of the simple pleasures for having fun playing outside, etc. It is hard to change, but these are good suggestions, something like having a firepit gives a reason to be out there! also not always having to spend a lot of money these are good ideas.

  9. Kate F. says:

    I love going on summer vacations and it’s fun to use our fire pit to make s’mores :)

  10. We love summer vacations, especially going to the beach and maybe going to a few theme parks.

  11. Margot C says:

    I know what you mean about the fire pit! We’re on our third year in a row of summer stay-at-home vacation and the fire pit definitely makes things a bit magical.

  12. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    I Love Making Memories And Watching The Kids Grow During Summer! Being A Kid Is My Favorite! The Joys Of Childhood Just Having Fun!

  13. Tegan L. says:

    I think letting the kids enjoy their childhood is soo important, especially to build those summer memories. My husband loves STAYcations, where we explore our local area that we are normally to busy to do.

  14. md kennedy says:

    Good suggestions, but you could also try these staycation ideas: visit the dump (really! fascinating), take a tour of the subway, or visit a nearby organic farm and maybe even help for the day!

  15. Maralea says:

    Great suggestions! We too have a fire pit and spend lots of time at it!

  16. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    A Fire Pit Is On The List! Love Making Smores!

  17. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I really want to do a cruise one day. My sisters are in Florida and we’ll I’ll visiting them this month and I am just super excited about that

  18. I take the kids to the Florida Fairgrounds. It’s inexpensive and they just LOVE it!!!

  19. Austin Baroudi says:

    We built a fire pit as well!!! We are out there almost every night!

  20. Betty Baez says:

    we built our own fire pit a few weeks ago and we’ve been grilling and roasting marshmallows in the pit im enjoying this change of weather

  21. Susan Smith says:

    We will be doing the last suggestion. We spend a lot of time at the local pool and with a pool pass it’s very afforable and the kids have fun.

  22. Aubrey says:

    good ideas, I like the one on looking for local things to do

  23. Doug W says:

    We go to the local MLB minors baseball games. Admission and food is so much cheaper than the majors, and we go on fireworks night.

  24. I’m all over pinterest finding ideas. I fear the “bored” comments!

  25. Jennifer Marie says:

    My son is 6 and we are hoping to take the training wheels off this summer!!

  26. Tammy S says:

    Great tips. We go to our local park where they have Movies in the Park. It is a ton of fun. We bring snacks with us and lay out the blankets and watch the movie.

  27. We like going to the beach. It’s fun and free

  28. Jeffrey says:

    We had a pool put in a couple of years ago so that took away some of the boredom. We also have some mini vacations planned for this summer including a trip to Kalahari and Cedar Point, both of which my boys love!

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